Roasted veggie wrap with Herb Yogurt and #MeatfreeMonday

I say this often – and you will hear it often as a result:  I am convinced I am an undercover vegetarian.  My knee-jerk reaction, especially when it comes to planning my lunches – is to go for a meatfree option.  It may be that I feel that my lunches must be ‘lighter’ than dinners – or maybe it has got to do with the fact that Hubby isn’t too keen on vegetarian meals?  So although I don’t really need an excuse to do ‘Meatless/Meatfree Monday’ I do try to make it a ‘thing’.  Making the conscious effort to, at least for one day a week, try to have a vegetarian meal or two.

If you are keen to read a little bit more about this initiative:

As a rule I also tend to overindulge over the weekends – yes, major facepalm, I should be over that by now!  It eases my conscience to know that, by going veggie for a meal or two I can at least TRY to rectify the ‘damage’.  (In that case I am a couple of hundred vegetarian meals behind!  LOL!).  Ag whatever, it is what it is, every little bit counts.

This is really such a simple meal, it doesn’t actually justify a full ‘recipe blogpost’, but here goes:

2 cups of roasted veggies – you can make up your own selection.  I used butternut, peppers, red onion and asparagus.  Place in an ovenproof dish and sprinkle with some olive oil and coarsely ground salt (I used Woolies Garlic Salt).  Oven roast at 180C for about 30 minutes, until the veggies start to char a bit.

In the meantime, prepare the yogurt dressing:  175ml yogurt, mixed with a good sprinkling (about a teaspoon full) mixed herb seasoning.  This time around I used Woolies Za’ataar Blend.  This versatile blend contains roasted sesame seeds, Oregano, Sumac, Thyme – I added a few chili flakes as well.  Leave to ‘infuse’ for a bit – usually I use all my yogurt or mayonnaise dressings overnight.

Cool veggies slightly and serve on a wrap (I used the Weigh-Less ones, it is more the size of a soft taco, but it works well), and drizzle with yogurt dressing.

WL Breakdown – 2 CC, 2 Veg, 1 Fat, 1 Milk




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