Pea and Herb Spread for Meatless Monday!

Here’s another #MeatlessMonday recipe!  I am always looking for vegetarian options (no, I am not a vegetarian, but really enjoy veggie meals).  And to find some that doesn’t have spinach and aubergine and celery in (bleh!) can be challenging.  But we manage quite well on most days!  I really try to make an effort on Meatless Monday, for health reasons and purely out of habit!

So, here goes:

280g peas (I used frozen peas, and just poured some boiling water on, and leave to stand for a bit – then it retains the beautiful, fresh green colour!)

2 tbs plain fat free yogurt

A big handful of fresh herbs – used basil, thyme, rosemary and sage

75g chopped cucumber

A bit of fresh garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

Mixed everything together with a handblender (or food processor)

Served on crackers (RyVita), topped with 60g of fat free feta.

Quick and easy!


Corn & Pea Salad with Feta

I love a good corn salad – maybe because I am kinda a ‘quanity over quality’ person! LOL!  Okay, not that I’m saying that I don’t value quality – and also I am NOT saying that corn is nothing more than a bowl full of empty quanity!  Hahaha!  So maybe I must just shut up now!  🙂



200g frozen corn (I just poured boiling water over and leave it to stand for about 10 – 15 minutes, no cooking required)

70 g frozen peas (using the same ‘no-cook’ trick as above!)

1/4 chopped onion

1/4 chopped green pepper

30ml low fat mayo

15ml sweet chili sauce

20g chopped peppadews

Salt and Pepper to taste

30g low fat feta

Lettuce to serve



1 Serve – 2 CC, 1 Prot, 1 Fat, 2 Veg


Haddock “Paella”

480g raw Haddock

250ml fat free milk

100g chopped onions

100g chopped yellow pepper

10ml olive oil

280g cooked brown rice

140g blanched peas (cover frozen peas with boiling water and leave to stand for 10 minutes, then drain)

100g cherry tomatoes, halved

2ml chopped garlic

5ml turmeric

2ml smoked paprika

Salt and Pepper to taste

Fresh Coriander to serve


Poach hadddock in milk on low to medium heat until the fish flakes easily.  Remove from milk, flake and set aside.

Fry onions and peppers in olive oil until soft.  Add garlic and fry for another minute or so.  Stir in cooked rice, add rest of spices.  Add a bit of water or chicken stock if needed.  Add rest of ingredients, stir through and simmer on medium heat, covered from a few minutes.


Serves 2:  1 Serve = 2 Protein, 2 Veg, 1 Fat, 2 Carbs

Pea and Feta Pasta Salad

Adapted from Martha Stewart

100g cooked pasta
100g snowpeas (blanched – cut sideways, pour boiling water over and leave for about 5 min, then drain)
75g chopped yellow peppers
25g sliced red onion
30g low fat feta
Handful chopped fresh basil
Salt and pepper to taste
Lettuce to serve

5ml basil infused olive oil
60ml white vinegar
Knifepoint fresh, chopped garlic

Serves 1 – 2 CC, 2 Veg, 1 Prot, 1 Fat


Tomatoey Potato Curry

As you know by now, I love my veggie curries – so this recipe may seem familiar – just a twist on a previous one!

1 tsp olive oil (1 Fat)

½ tsp crushed ginger and garlic

1 tin WL Chopped tomatoes (2 Veg)

½ tsp turmeric

¼ tsp mustard seeds

¼ tsp cumin seeds

200g parboiled baby potatoes (cut in quarters and microwave, covered with water for about 10 min) (2CC)

1 tsp curry powder (mild or medium – to taste)

75g chickpeas (tinned) (1 Prot)

125ml veggie or chicken stock

70g peas (blanched) (1 Veg)

Fresh coriander for serving.

Fry mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry powder in olive oil for a minute or so. Add crushed ginger and garlic, fry for a few seconds and add rest of ingredients. Top up with veggie stock if needed. Simmer on low/med heat until potato is soft.  Serve with fresh coriander


Easy PEAsy Soup (with Pork Bangers)

Super quick and easy – ideal for a lazy dreading-to-get-to-work-tomorrow Sunday evening! Takes about 20 min to prepare! 🙂 image 2 Eskort Weigh-Less Pork Bangers (or WL bacon – omit for vegetarian option, replace with 30g crumbed low fat feta to serve) 5ml olive oil 210g Woolies Mint Peas (or plain frozen peas – you can add a few mint leaves in the end before liquidising) 100g potato cubes Salt and Pepper to taste Pop 100g potatoes, covered with boiling water in the microwave for 10 minutes to cook (test if soft after 10 min) While potatoes are cooking, remove skin of Pork bangers and cut into bite-sized chunks and fry in olive oil. Put peas in a saucepan, cover with 250ml boiling water and bring to boil. Add seasoning.  Don’t boil for too long – otherwise the peas will lose the vibrant green colour. (I would say – 5 min max). Drain potatoes and add to peas. Liquidise.  Stir in fried pork banger chunks and serve 🙂 Voila!  Filling and tasty comfort food! Serves 1 1 Prot, 1 CC, 3 Veg, 1 Fat (WL)

Green Veggie Pilaf with Feta


5ml lemon-infused olive oil

50g chopped onions

2 finely chopped garlic cloves (to taste)

50g zucchini ribbons

100g asparagus

100g frozen peas (I use Woolies’ minted peas – delish!) – cover with boiling water, no need to cook, this way the colour stays vibrant 🙂

140g cooked brown rice

Salt and Pepper to taste

30g crumbed low fat feta

1 lemon

Fry onions and garlic in olive oil.  Add cooked rice and fry for a minute or two.  Add zucchini ribbons, asparagus and season.  Lower heat and add 100ml water.  Cook for a few minutes, stir in peas and remove from heat.  1/2 the lemon and squeeze the fresh juice over the dish.  Cook slightly.  Top with feta and serve with lemon slices.

Serves 1:  2 CC, 1 Prot, 3 Veg, 1 Fat

Replace feta with chicken or pork for a “non-vegetarian” meal 🙂