Fish Chowder

This works great with haddock and other white fish as well 🙂


50g onion, chopped

5ml olive oil

100g carrots, chopped

280g hake (raw)

200g potatoes

1/4 teaspoon fish spice

Lemon pepper


Fresh dill


Fry onions in olive oil until soft, add spices and fry for a minute or tw0.  Add the rest of the ingredients, plus 350ml water.  Simmer until all ingredients are soft (check potatoes and carrots).  Top up with water if needed.  Liquidise (if preferred) and serve with fresh dill.


Serves 1 – VERY large portion, can be split between 2.

2 Protein, 2 CC, 1.5 Veg, 1 Fat

Thai Red Curry Hake

Originally posted 1 February 2015, republished 2 February 2018

Originally this recipe was called ‘Thai Red Curry Kingklip’, but let’s be honest, on a good day not everyone can afford to buy 1/2 kg kingklip to make a fish curry.

Good for you if you can, but I try to make my recipes a little more uhm affordable 😉

This is a tasty recipe – using only a handful of ingredients. Not too complicated – and takes about 30 minutes to prepare.

So, here goes!

Thai Red Curry Hake

Serves 2

400g raw white fish – I used SeaHarvest Hake Medallions

100g chopped onions

150g chopped peppers

10 ml Olive Oil

1 heaped tsp Red Curry Paste

Salt and pepper to taste

250ml fat free milk (1 milk) and 5ml coconut essence (I got it from a baking supplies shop) or use 250ml lite coconut milk – I usually make my own ‘fake’ coconut milk as a no/low fat option!

Thai Red Curry Hake

To serve: chili flakes and fresh coriander

Fry onions and peppers in olive oil, add a little water if needed to cook until soft on medium heat.  Add hake and poach on low heat for about 10 minutes – until flesh turns white.

Thai Red Curry 1

Mix milk, coconut essence, salt, pepper and red curry paste – cook until reduced/thick.

Thai Red Curry 3

Served with pilau rice (used Woolies’ Pilau Rice Spice mix as a short cut) and Asian salad (thinly sliced red onion and cucumber and carrot ribbons marinated in white vinegar)

Thai Red Curry 2