Smoooooth Smoothies!

I love smoothies!  It is quick and easy snack or even meal (breakfast! yay!)  And it is a very convenient way to get your fruit and veg servings in one go.  I dreaaaam of a Nutribullet (Dear Santa… is it too early to ask… promise I will be GOOD!), but for now, my little stick blender does the trick!


First up – Banana and Mango smoothie. 

What I omitted when I made this one was some crushed ice (was in too much of a hurry!), but you can definitely add some.  I used frozen banana though, it also help to coooool your drink.

1 banana (frozen if you are prepared!), peeled and cut into chunks

1 mango, peeled and cut into chunks (I know it is more expensive, but I prefer to buy mangos prepared already, what a mess to clean!)

100ml vanilla yogurt

100ml fat free yogurt

And now, a short cut to tropical goodness – 1 few drops of coconut essence.

Blitz and enjoy!


Don’t you just love these tiki glasses??  Got it from Mr Price Home – got get some 🙂

Banana and Apricot smoothie

Yes, there is a theme – I believe that all smoothies MUST have at least one banana in!  Especially if you want to enjoy a filling and smooooth drink.

And as above – I use a mix of milk and yogurt, otherwise it may be too thick or too thin!

So the only difference – I replaced the mango with 4 apricots. Lovely and sweet!

And that is smoothies for you – you can mix up your fruit options, maybe even add some veggies, like spinach or celery.  For a more filling breakfast, mix in a portion of raw oats or All Bran flakes!


Thai Mango & Chicken Salad Bowl

This looks sooo pretty (if I do say so myself!) and is quickly to assemble!

20160223_131653.jpg100g cooked angelhair pasta (cooled down)

90g smoked chicken (roughly chopped)

30g carrot and cucumber ribbons (you can make this with your veggie peeler)

10og fresh mango, sliced

A handful of lettuce and fresh herb mix

30g Sweet Chilli Sauce

Salt and Pepper to taste


And that is it!

Mango Jelly with Pawpaw Granita

And now… dessert!  Light, tropical and cool – which worked very well on a hot summer’s day!

Serves 4


Mango Jelly

2 x sachets WL jelly (Granadilla)

125ml boiling water

3 x mangos, peeled and liquidised


Make jelly by adding 125ml to 2 sachets jelly.  Stir until dissolved.  Pour in individual dessert containers.  Put in fridge to set.


Pawpaw Granita

(adapted from recipe in Your Family Magazine – Jan 2015)

1 large pawpaw (about 300 – 400g)

100ml undiluted Passionfruit flavour Slimsy Lite


Liquidise pawpaw and Slimsy mix.  But in metal bowl and freeze until icy around edges (about 30 minutes).  Stir, using a fork, the iced portions into the middle of the bowl.  Put back in freezer and continue to stir every 30 min or so until all is frozen.  Scrape granita into flaky crystals and serve on top of set Mango Jelly.  This is great on it’s on as well!


Serve with fresh mint leaves