Coconutty Curried Lentils with geelrys (yellow rice)

Yes, if it is Thursday night it must be “Vegetarian” night!  Yay!

Needed to put a quick meal together – so this is where meal prepping and planning comes in!  I usually cook and portion food like brown rice and lentils in advance so that it is easy to throw a healthy and wholesome weekday meal together.

So here goes – Coconut Curried Lentils (with geelrys).  Geelrys is a traditional South African dish – directly translated it means ‘yellow rice’.  Rice is cooked with turmeric to give it a lovely, warm yellow colour and is usually served with raisins.  But I left the raisins out this time around – simply because I didn’t have any!  LOL!

First – the Yellow Rice:  I had some pre-cooked brown rice in the fridge, I usually freeze it in 140g portions – 2 CCs.  I popped the frozen rice in a pot, topped it with boiling water and 1/3 tsp turmeric.  Bring to a quick boil, don’t cook it for too long otherwise the rice will become mushy.  Drain and keep aside.

Curried Lentils

100g chopped Onions

5ml Olive Oil

1/2 tsp ginger and garlic paste

1 heaped tsp curry powder (your choice – mild, spicy, hot!  I decided to go with Woolies Cape Malay curry powder – a slightly sweet, mild curry powder)

1/4 tsp turmeric

200g cooked lentils (again, had it pre-cooked and frozen, just put the plastic bag I froze it in, in some hot water for a few minutes to thaw)

100ml chopped tinned tomatoes

80ml coconut milk

Salt and Pepper to taste


Fresh coriander to serve


Fry onions and spices in olive oil until onions are soft – you can add a few drops of water if the mixture cooks dry.  Stir in rest of ingredients and simmer until most of the liquid has cooked away.  Add yellow rice, stir through and simmer for a minute or two.  Serve with fresh coriander.


Serves 1 (LARGE portion – you can divide it in two) 2 CC, 2 Prot, 2 Fat, 1 Veg



Haddock “Paella”

480g raw Haddock

250ml fat free milk

100g chopped onions

100g chopped yellow pepper

10ml olive oil

280g cooked brown rice

140g blanched peas (cover frozen peas with boiling water and leave to stand for 10 minutes, then drain)

100g cherry tomatoes, halved

2ml chopped garlic

5ml turmeric

2ml smoked paprika

Salt and Pepper to taste

Fresh Coriander to serve


Poach hadddock in milk on low to medium heat until the fish flakes easily.  Remove from milk, flake and set aside.

Fry onions and peppers in olive oil until soft.  Add garlic and fry for another minute or so.  Stir in cooked rice, add rest of spices.  Add a bit of water or chicken stock if needed.  Add rest of ingredients, stir through and simmer on medium heat, covered from a few minutes.


Serves 2:  1 Serve = 2 Protein, 2 Veg, 1 Fat, 2 Carbs

Pimento Peppers stuffed with Herby Brown Rice and Feta

As South Africans we ‘braai’ a lot!  So that often leads to eating way too much meat – especially red meat!  So, one Friday evening when Hubby had to satisfy his craving for lamb riblets, I decided to improvise a bit!  Didn’t feel like meat, so I tried this dish – it will make a great braai side dish as well!

2 Pimento Peppers (you can use bell peppers or paprika peppers as well)


Garlic and Herb Brown Rice

140g cooked brown rice

5ml Basil-infused olive oil

50g chopped onions

Garlic and Herb Seasoning to taste

Salt and pepper to taste


60g low fat feta, crumbed


Prepare Peppers by making a slit on top and removing the pips and core.  Roast/braai on grill until the peppers start to blister.


Fry onions in olive oil until soft.  Stir in cooked brown rice and add Garlic and Herb Seasoning.  Season with salt and pepper.


When ready to serve, stuff peppers with brown rice and top with feta.


Serves 1 – 2 Veg, 2 CC, 2 Protein


When serving it as a side dish at a braai, you can omit the feta and have the peppers with your favourite braaied meat 🙂

Smoked Snoek and Brown Rice Salad



70g smoked snoek, flaked

140g cooked brown rice

100g cherry tomatoes (I used Woolies’ exotic tomatoes – beautiful colours!)

20g chopped onion

30ml low fat mayo

Salt and Pepper to taste


Lettuce and chopped fresh parsley to serve


Mix all the ingredients together and serve on a bed of lettuce with fresh chopped parsley


Serves 1:  2 CC, 1 Prot, 1.5 Veg, 1 Fat

Mexican Rice Salad

70g cooked brown/wild rice

100g corn kernels

10og cherry tomatoes

50g chopped green pepper

130g tinned baked beans (drained, so that it isn’t too ‘saucy’)

5ml lemon infused olive oil (or just add a few drops of lemon juice to plain olive oil)

a sprinkling of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper

Salt and Pepper to taste


This salad is lovely and colourful!  You can pack it in layers in a clear bowl, or mix it all together, served on a bed of lettuce like I did 🙂

Serves 1: 2 CC, 1 Prot, 1.5 Veg, 1 Fat

Mushroom and Brown Rice Salad

250g brown mushrooms, sliced
5ml olive oil
140g cooked brown & wild rice
75g cooked (tinned) chickpeas
1/4 tsp smoked paprika
Sprinkling of garlic salt
30ml red wine vinegar
Salt & Pepper to taste

Brown mushrooms in olive oil. Leave to cool.
Mix rest of ingredients plus mushrooms and leave in fridge for a few hours to “marinate”.


I served it on a bed of lettuce, with cucumber ribbons 🙂

Serves 1  (big portion!!)  – 2 CC, 1 Protein, 1 Fat, 3 Veg (or count mushrooms as free veg!) 

Cauliflower and Lentil “Breyani”

Serves 4


1/2 fat (excluding almonds to serve), 1 Veg, 1 Protein, 2 CC


10 ml olive oil

100g chopped onion

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp ground coriander

1/2 tsp groud cumin

1 tsp chili and garlic paste

1 TBS Medium Curry Powder (or mild if you prefer)

400g Woolies Cauliflower rice – or make your own

560g parcooked brown rice

400g parcooked red lentils


Fry onions in olive oil until soft.  Add spices, chili and garlic paste and curry powder and fry for a minute or two to release flavours.

Add cauliflower rice and fry for a few minutes.  Lower heat, add the rest of ingredients and simmer for about 10 minutes.

Serve with fresh coriander and almond slivers (according to formula)


Spanish Rice


280g par-cooked brown rice
1 chopped onion
1 red pepper, chopped
5ml olive oil
1/4 tsp chopped garlic
1/4 tsp dried chili flakes
1/4 tsp smoked paprika
1 heaped tbsp tomato paste
Fresh coriander

Fry onion, garlic and pepper in olive oil.
Add chili flakes and paprika and fry for another minute.
Stir in rice and tomato paste. Add 200ml boiling water.
Simmer over low heat until liquid is reduced.
Serve with fresh coriander.

Mexican Spiced Brown Rice and Lentil Pilaf

Serves 1


5ml olive oil

50g chopped spring onions

125g chopped red pepper

1/4 tsp crushed garlic

1/2 tsp Woolies Fajita Spice mix (or use equal amounts of ground cumin, ground coriander and crushed chillies)

125ml veggie stock

100g cooked lentils

140g cooked brown rice


Fresh basil to serve


Fry onion, spices and pepper in olive oil for 4 minutes.  Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer until stock has reduced.

Serve with fresh, chopped basil leaves