Barley, Mushroom and Green Bean Salad

Yesterday’s lunch! The last of my pre-cooked batch of pearl barley used! Managed to get 3 full meals out of it, so planning does save you lots of time and effort! 🙂


Adapted from “Closet Cooking”

100g cooked pearl barley

100g green fresh green beans (I just poured some boiling water on it, and left it to stand for about 10 minutes – no cooking needed)

150g mushrooms (I marinated a batch of mushrooms – ovenroasted it for about 30 minutes, put it in a glass bottle and poured some white vinegar (about 150ml) over it, leaving it to stand in the fridge for a couple of hours)

1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced

A sprinkling of thyme and rosemary (I used dried herbs)

30g low fat feta

Salt and Pepper to taste

10ml white vinegar

5ml olive oil (lemon infused, but you can use normal olive oil with maybe a dash of lemon juice instead)

Lettuce to serve


This salad is very tasty if made in advance – to give the flavours of the olive oil, vinegar and marinated mushrooms to develop a bit.  So try to make it the night before.

Mix all the ingredients except the feta and lettuce together.  Once ready to serve, stir in the feta and serve on a bed of lettuce.



Warm Potato and Bacon Salad

Warm Potato and Bacon Salad

Serves 2, per person 2CC, 1 Veg, 1 Fat, 1 Prot

400g sliced baby potatoes, cooked

100g blanched green beans

100g onion, sliced

200g WL/lean bacon, sliced in strips

5ml olive oil

45ml WL reduced oil dressing, mixed with 100ml plain yogurt

Salt and Black pepper


Fry onion in olive oil until soft (add a few drops of water if needed), add bacon and green beans and fry for a few minutes until bacon is cooked. Stir in baby potatoes and mix well. Season with salt and a generous twist of black pepper. Serve warm and drizzle with dressing (can be left out).

Warm Lemony Green Bean and Feta Salad

Serves 2

1½ Veg, 2 CC, 1 Fat, 1 Prot per person

Warm Lemony Green Bean and Feta Salad

100g thinly sliced red onion (1 Veg)

5ml olive oil (1 Fat)

Zest and juice of 1 lemon

¼ tsp garlic

200g fine green beans (blanched in hot water for a few minutes)

10g almond flakes (1 Fat)

60g crumbed lite feta (2 Prot)

160g cooked couscous (4 CC)

Salt and Pepper


Fry onions in olive oil with garlic, add lemon zest and juice. Add green beans and fry for a few minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Stir in cooked couscous and almonds, and serve.


This makes a yummy side for a braai – you can leave out the feta to save your protein portions then!

Quick and easy!