Haddock “Paella”

480g raw Haddock

250ml fat free milk

100g chopped onions

100g chopped yellow pepper

10ml olive oil

280g cooked brown rice

140g blanched peas (cover frozen peas with boiling water and leave to stand for 10 minutes, then drain)

100g cherry tomatoes, halved

2ml chopped garlic

5ml turmeric

2ml smoked paprika

Salt and Pepper to taste

Fresh Coriander to serve


Poach hadddock in milk on low to medium heat until the fish flakes easily.  Remove from milk, flake and set aside.

Fry onions and peppers in olive oil until soft.  Add garlic and fry for another minute or so.  Stir in cooked rice, add rest of spices.  Add a bit of water or chicken stock if needed.  Add rest of ingredients, stir through and simmer on medium heat, covered from a few minutes.


Serves 2:  1 Serve = 2 Protein, 2 Veg, 1 Fat, 2 Carbs

Creamy Haddock Pasta


Serves 2


Per serving – 1.5 Protein, 1 Milk, 1 Fat, 1/2 CC


360g haddock

500ml fat free milk

10ml extra light margarine

2 TBSP self-raising flour

A handful fresh dill

Salt and lemon pepper to taste


Poach haddock in 1 cup milk with dill added – for about 5-10 minutes until fish flakes easily.  Remove haddock, flake and set aside.  Using your microwave – melt margarine and stir in flour to form a thick paste.  Add a bit of milk, stir until smooth.  Stir into the milk haddock was poached in, make sure to get a smooth paste, stir with a whisk if lumps form.  Slowly add the rest of the milk, keep stirring.  Add seasoning to taste.  Add flaked haddock and simmer for a few minutes to heat through.


Serve with a serving of pasta or cauliflower mash (count as extra CC (pasta) or veg (Cauliflower).