Breakfast Barley

We often get stuck on what to have for breakfast that is a little ‘different’.  Somedays I really don’t feel like another bowl of brand name cereal or a slice of toast with whatever…. 🙂

Keep forgetting that we can actually use any grain as a breakfast option – quinoa, couscous, brown rice and BARLEY!  🙂  So this is my version of ‘comfort food’ for breakfast.  Will work great with brown rice as well 🙂


75g cooked barley (I cooked a big batch last night, froze it into individual portions to be used in my meals during the next week or so, so look out for a few ‘barley’ recipes coming up!)

125ml fat free milk

20g raisins

1 cinnamon stick

5ml honey for serving

Gently simmer barley, raisins and cinnamon stick until barley is more ‘mushy’ and most of the milk is reduced/evaporated.

Serve with honey and enjoy!


Serves 1:  1.5 CC, 1/2 milk, 1 Fruit



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