Spanish Ole King!

Okay, the reason for the name of this dish – it started out as Chicken a La King, and halfway through I realised that I don’t have mushrooms!  LOL!  But fear not!  Managed to create a tasty dinner anyway!  🙂

10 ml olive oil

100g chopped onions

200g chopped green pepper

150 ml chicken stock

400g raw chicken fillets, cut into cubes

Okay that was as far as the Chicken A La King got!


Enter:  Ole King!

140g par cooked brown rice

1 tin (400g) Tomato and Onion (Woolies – with Garlic)

3ml Spanish Smoked Paprika

a sprinkling of Garlic Salt

Cayenne pepper to taste

Salt and Pepper to taste


Fry onion and green pepper in olive oil, add chicken stock and bring to a simmer.  When onion and green pepper is softer and stock reduced, add chicken cubes and brown.  Add tinned tomatoes and rest of the ingredients.  Simmer for about 20 minute and…. ole!


Serves 2:  per serving – 2 Protein, 1 CC,  1 Fat, 3 Veg


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