Roasted Tomato and Garlic Bean Soup (with Shortcut Croutons)

Adapted from Fresh Living Magazine July 2015


Serves 2

1 Serve = +/- 3 Veg, 1.5 protein, 1 fat, 1 CC



500g tomatoes, quartered

3 peeled garlic cloves

2 rosemary sprigs (I used more!)

10 ml olive oil

1 tin 410g baked beans in tomato sauce

1.5 cup chicken stock (vegetarians can add veggie stock instead)

Salt and Black Pepper to taste

Sprinkling Italian Herb seasoning

1 TBS Tomato Paste

3 slices Albany Ultima – toasted and cut into croutons, quick and easy shortcut!

Fresh parsley to serve


Combine tomatoes, garlic, rosemary and olive oil in a Ziplock/plastic bag and shake to coat. But on baking sheet (lined with tin foil and treated with non-stick cooking spray) at 200C for 45 min.


Transfer to saucepan and add baked beans, chicken stock and seasoning. Simmer for about 15 minutes on medium heat.

Liquidize and serve with fresh parsley and croutons


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