Malay Meatballs

Malay Meatballs

(adapted from YOU Magazine Recipe)

Serves 4





50g onion, finely chopped (Veg)

4 green chillies (optional)

5 ml grated fresh ginger

4 cloves garlic, crushed

20 ml olive oil

480g mince (Protein)

2 ml turmeric

2.5 ml  Curry Powder (I prefer Woolies brand! :P)

10 ml lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste



2 cardamom seeds

2 pieces stick cinnamon

410 g tomato and onion mix (Veg)

2 ml Curry Powder





Sauté the onion, chillies, ginger and garlic on medium heat in 10ml olive oil until the onion is soft (I added a few drops of water so that it doesn’t stick to the pan). Remove from the heat and cool. Add the mince and seasonings and mix. Shape the mixture into 30g sized meatballs (this will make it easier to measure your portion size – so 2 meatballs = 1 Protein). Bake in muffin pan (a neat trick I saw on the internet somewhere!) for about 10 minute on 180C.



Stir-fry the cardamom seeds, curry powder and cinnamon stick for about 1 minute in 10ml olive oil. Add the tomato and onion mix and simmer gently. Add the meatballs and simmer till done (about 10 minutes).

I served it with sweet potato (CC) and butternut mash (Veg)!


Per Person

4 Meatballs = 2 Protein

1 – 2 Veg

1 Fat

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