Curry Pasta Salad and a Bonus!

Serves 2

200g cooked pasta rice (4 CC)

50g finely chopped spring onion (1/2 Veg)

5ml mild curry powder

120g drained WL tinned peaches, chopped (1 Fruit)

100g red and yellow peppers, chopped (1 Veg)

30ml chutney

90ml reduced oil/low fat mayo (2 Fat)

Mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate – best made a day in advance, to give the flavours time to develop!


As an additional extra – the other salad on the pic is a marinated mushroom salad!  Serves 2 as well:

200g mushrooms, chopped/sliced (free veg)

100g thinly sliced red onion (1 Veg)

100g cucumber (grated or spirals)

10ml lite soy sauce

50ml white vinegar (or to taste)

Leave to marinate overnight







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